blog43What’s the idea?

As we are learning more about the biology of cancer, a need for greater unity across all cancer silos is becoming increasingly evident. Whether you are an organization or a patient, whether your fight is against breast cancer or lung cancer, we believe that the stories, experiences and the lessons learned could be immensely valuable to the oncology community as a whole.

For instance, it is now widely known that a vast variety of cancers can share some of the same driver mutations. Yet, even targeted agents are still generally tested on a specific cancer type (“Basket Trials” being notable exceptions). Could it be valuable to learn that a novel agent had shown efficacy in a different cancer type if your cancer shares the same target mutation?

What if you are an organization fighting for change or a patient that is fighting to obtain a novel treatment on  a compassionate use basis? Could it be valuable to be able to draw on the knowledge and support from the entire cancer community?

We believe that it is critical to unite the cancer community and build a platform where both knowledge and support can be shared.

How does it work?

There are two ways in which you can connect to the community. The first is through creating a post in the “Discussions” section, which is intended for specific topics of medical and scientific nature. All other content can be shared in the “Community” section by following the “Contribute” button.

For those that would like to host their own blog, we provide a free sub-domain which would appear as We will ­assist in the setup of desired features and provide a design template which can be easily modified to your liking. You will always own 100% of the content posted on your blog. If you already own a blog and would like to move, we can assist you in ensuring that all of your content (posts, images, comments) can be safely transferred.

All posts from the sub-domains will reflect in the “Community” section of the Anticancer Alliance website and powerful search & filter tools will allow to locate information across all websites within the network. If there is an urgent matter that requires a response from the community, we can ensure that the announcement gets increased visibility.


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